Some minor errata in `Natural Topology’

(17 oct 2012: this post is obsolete since the second edition of `Natural Topology’ is now available)

I will use this post to list minor errata in the book `Natural Topology’ (see previous post), which of course only leap to my eye after finishing the manuscript. Hopefully they won’t run into the hundreds…but I will no doubt have to update from time to time.

  • definition A.3.1 should read: `B is a thin bar on V iff for each successor point x\in\mathcal{V} there is a unique n\in\mathbb{N} with x_n\in B.’ (and where `successor point’ is defined in definition A.3.16 (a))
  • on page 99, three quarters down, it should read: `Brouwer sharply demonstrated this mathematically, with various clever examples, showing e.g. that for an arbitrary real-valued continuous function f on the real interval [0,1] one cannot always construct an x in [0,1] where f assumes a maximum.’
  • on page 108, `expliticized’ should of course read `explicitized’.
  • on pages 42, 43, 80 (except the footnote) and 111, the term `computability´ should be replaced by `computational´ or `computational practice´.
  • in the bibliography, [Kle1969] should of course read: `S.C. Kleene. Formalized Recursive Functionals and Formalized Realizability,
    Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 89, American Mathematical Society, 1969.’



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mathematician (foundations & topology in constructive mathematics) and visual artist
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