Addendum to Natural Topology regarding functions

In the appendix, I omitted to include the definition of `function´ in section A.4 Constructive concepts and axioms used. The reason is that we use the standard classical definition:

Having taken the notion of `set´ and `subset´ as primitive, we define a function f from an apartness space (V,\#_1) to another apartness space (W,\#_2) as a  subset of the cartesian product V\times W such that:

i) for all x\in V there is a y\in W such that (x,y)\in f

ii) for all x,v\in V, y,z\in W: if (x,y)\in f and (v,z)\in f and y \#_2 z then x \#_1 v.

Then for any pair (x,y)\in f we write: f(x)\equiv y or f(x)=y.


The constructive interpretation of the quantifiers `for all´ and `there is´ ensures in our eyes that this definition nicely captures the connotation of methodicity which the word `function´ carries. In the book we almost always work with morphisms anyway, but the definition above is strictly speaking necessary to underpin the theorems on representability of continuous functions by morphisms.



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