Open access: Natural Topology on arXiv

(Also see previous post) With the kind help of an endorser, I managed to put Natural Topology on arXiv:

This serves selfish and unselfish reasons alike, I suppose. For me, the benefit is that the book will remain accessible even if for some reason my website will disappear. It can now be officially referenced by others, whereas I am spared the hassle of looking for a publisher etc.

On the other hand, the unselfish benefits lie in (reasonably permanent I hope) open access for everyone.

I wrote a previous post about open access regarding also a boycott of Elsevier, I haven’t heard much lately on this front. I still think open access to knowledge is essential for a) bringing around improvement of the harsh living conditions in many impoverished countries b) the better and faster development of new knowledge and insights.

One downside of not taking the trouble to have someone publish the book physically, is that book presses are in the end environmentally friendlier than printers…but for now I do not think to reach thousands of readers, so…:-)

I really hope to hear some more action on the open access front in years to come.








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mathematician (foundations & topology in constructive mathematics) and visual artist
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