clouds over cornfield (painting by frank waaldijk)
clouds over cornfield (painting by the author)

Welcome to my math, science and philosophy blog.

I’ve always had a very strong interest in science and philosophy in general, and of course mathematics specifically. Nowadays, due to chronic illness I spend most of my restricted energy on my work as a visual artist. But the topics surrounding my PhD thesis (foundations of constructive mathematics, intuitionism, topology) still interest me very much. Joint work with Wim Couwenberg has led to the recent book `Natural Topology’, which can be found on my mathematics page.

For various reasons you should consider this blog to be as personal as it is imperfect and error-prone. I’ve hesitated for some time to publish even anything, since I always seem to get things wrong and make mistakes. Lately I decided to go ahead anyway, as I’ve been entertaining a number of questions and thoughts which seem to find no other natural habitat for sharing.

So there you have the blog’s characterization already: a broad scope and no specific goals, only I would be most pleased if some of what is written here would lead you to scratch your head and start wondering.

My background in math will probably lead to an accent on foundations and constructive mathematics, but I’ve been known to ramble on any semi-scientific subject, and even on decidedly non-scientific subjects, you are now forewarned ;-). Also, by the above, this blog is intended to be personal, free, error-prone and very informal. You are welcome of course to react, and friendly comments may be as critical as you like. I will however maintain a certain minimal on-topic level, but considering the haphazard DNA of the blog itself, this level should never be a problem.

I usually value highly certain ways of communicating, such as courteousness, friendly exchange, respectful phrasing etc. This has to do with respect on the human level. On the other hand I am also often quite critical of certain subjects, and it seems a pity to put such criticism on too tight a leash just because criticism is often perceived to be disrespectful. In my own experience, I have learned most from people who voice their views clearly, without beating around the bush. Therefore I will try to choose clarity over social acceptability, if such a choice happens to come along. You are invited to comment in this vein, as clearly as you wish.


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